School Pictures



The following few pictures tell the story of Danielle's school visit for the first time since we found out her illness. Her is a note from her teacher.


The students at WCES in room 207 were thrilled to have Danielle in class on Friday, January 7, 2000. She had a wonderful afternoon doing her schoolwork and interacting with her classmates. She was able to meet and read with her first grade reading buddy as well as meet Jesse Polsdorfer's new sister that just came from Russia. Needless to say, it was a very exciting day for everyone.

Mrs. Armentrout

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My school: Worthington Christian Elementary School

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School nurse Mrs. Kay Betz with Danielle and her reading partner for the day.

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Danielle finishing reading assignment with her school bear at school

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My third grade class at WCES.

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I enjoy reading.

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One of my friends at lunch.

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Another friend at lunch.

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My reading partner for the day.

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A hug from one of my teachers.

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Lunch with my friends.

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Reading with my teacher, Mrs. Armentrout.

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My principal, Mr. McIntosh, Mrs. Soell, and Mrs. Heimann.