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Hi, my name is Danielle and I am 8 years old. Thank you very much for praying for me during my illness, also for my Daddy and Mommy, my brother Tim, age 10, and sister Michelle, age 12, and the rest of the family.

I know there are lots of nice people praying for me.  Since the doctors found out I was sick, it helps me feel better knowing so many care.  Many nice people have given me so many nice things that are fun to play with and look at on days when I feel better.  Some days I feel very low and hurt inside and do not want to talk to anyone, not even Daddy or Mommy.  Because it just hurts so bad, I just cannot talk.  On the days I hurt, it is nice to just look at all the pretty special things you were so kind to give me.  Thanks.  I hope you understand if you have tried to call me or talk to me or come to see me and I was not wanting to see you or talk, but I just hurt too much sometimes.  I think friends are very special people. Our family seems to have been given lots of these by God because he loves us so much, I guess.   Friends are special, but my very best friend is Jesus.  Do you know Him as your very best friend?  Christmas is a very special time to think of Jesus, and I know He came for a purpose.  He came to pay for all my sin and yours.  I asked him to do that for me and thank Him so much.  Have you done that too?  It is wonderful to have your best friend with you when you are hurting so much, as I do right now.  I know He loves me and will take care of me.  I can talk to Him when I do not feel like talking to anyone else.

I do not understand why I feel tired and why my tummy has hurt so much at some times. I heard my Daddy say that my tummy hurts because I have Burkitt's Lymphoma.   If you would like to understand about why I do not feel good, my Daddy says you can look at and pray for me in a more understanding way.  If you are young like I am, maybe your mom or dad will help you to understand and explain all those big words to you.

In September of 1999, I did not feel good, and I was tired all the time.   I also did not feel like eating much.  My parents took me to our nice doctor, Rick Long, for tests, but God did not reveal to him anything that was really wrong at that time.

In October I still was tired and did not feel like eating much, since almost every time I ate something I lost my cookies.  I dislike that very much and thought that if I ate less or not at all, I would not lose my cookies.  I also started to have tummy hurts all the time, but I did not say much to anyone.  I just did not want to talk about it.  This was hard for the doctor, Daddy and Mommy; but I just did not want to talk about it because it hurt so much and would not go away.   During the last week of the month I felt some better, so I got to fly on a plane to Hilton Head Island with the whole family.  It was fun to look out the window.   Michelle, my older sister, and I had never flown in an airplane before.   Everything looked so little from the plane.  I told Daddy I could see so far.   Daddy had some nice people from the PIA of Ohio give him the plane tickets as a gift which I though was real nice of them.  We had so much fun playing at the beach making sand castles and digging holes in the sand.  My sand castle was special with a little house in the middle with a large wall around it to protect the people inside.   I made a little garden with plants growing and nice trees around it.  Daddy took a picture of all of our sand castle.  It was fun.  One day we fed the birdies.  There were so many that came to us.  Daddy found a whole sand dollar and we were very careful of it so we could take it home.  God has made such a beautiful world for us.  The sun felt so good and the birdies sang so pretty.   We met this very little doggie at the beach that was so funny to watch.  When we laughed at him, he would dig in the sand and bark at the flying sand.  Then it was time to fly home.  It was sure different than driving down as we have done before.   We had a nice time, even though I felt tired a lot.

In November I started to feel very weak at times and very tired and ate less and less.  I would not talk about how I felt and did not know I was making it harder for the Doctor, Daddy and Mommy to help me.  The doctor gave me some pills to take which I did not like.  I do not like pills, even though Mommy said they might make me feel better. Thanksgiving was OK, but I was tired a lot.  I had fun with my cousins and it is always nice to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles.  I felt worse after Thanksgiving, and the hurt in my tummy was worse.  We went back to the Doctor to have more tests.  He finally said that I must go for some tests on Tuesday at Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  This sounded bad.  I did not want to go, but Mommy said we had to.  So we went to another doctor who did more tests.   Mommy said that we could not go home and would have to have to stay.  She called Daddy and he soon came.  I did not understand why I could not go home.

December 1, 1999, I missed my little Poodle doggie and wanted my own bed.   Some people dressed in blue and green clothes came, and they put things on my hand.   It hurt a little, but they said it would soon help my tummy feel better. When it was getting dark, one of the kind pastors from our church, Pastor Tim, came, and we had a nice talk and prayed.  Mommy and Daddy then said that the doctor and nurses had to take me to another room to look at the hurt in my tummy while I was sleeping.  Mommy and Daddy said they would see me in a little while, and they looked very sad. They prayed to Jesus for me and thanked Jesus for bringing me into their home and asked Him to take care of me.  I started to cry, the hurt was so bad in my tummy, but soon I went to sleep.  When I woke up, all these wires and tubes were attached to me.  I would wake up and then sleep, wake up and sleep.  I tried very hard to stay awake, but I could not.  I thought I heard people with Mommy and Daddy -- my grandparents and some others I found out later.  I woke up and it was morning.  Daddy and Mommy were there.  I told Daddy that my tummy did not hurt inside any more. Daddy said the nice doctor had taken all the nasty stuff in my tummy out that he could find, and Jesus had helped him do a good job.  I am so glad I did not have to have a colostomy.  I heard Mommy say that was an answer to prayer. but I did not know what that was.  I did know that Jesus answers prayer.  A nice nurse in blue showed me a button that I could push when I had a hurt somewhere.  It did make me feel good when I pushed it once.  A nurse came to see me on Friday and said that I had to sit up.  There was this big bandage on my tummy that hurt when I moved.  I wanted to do it myself because I am a big girl, so I told her to leave me alone and I would do it.  She finally let me do it myself and stayed right there with me.  Daddy was there too.   It was very hard, but slowly as I pushed the button for pain, I did it, much to the nurse's and my Daddy's surprise.  I finally was sitting up and it did feel good after I quit hurting.  Some of my friends came to visit me the next day and I was able to talk to some on the phone.  It was nice of them. Sometimes people came to see me, but I did not feel like talking to them.  It was nice they were there though.  On Sunday they took all the tubes out and wires off.  It felt really good to be free of them.  I played with some of my friends, and we looked at and played with the nice things people had left for me.  It was so nice to not have my tummy hurt so much any more.  I was not so tired either.

On Monday, Mommy and Daddy took me to another room on another floor at the hospital and told me I was going to have more tests. I did not want any more tests.   We waited and waited all day.  Finally they told Mommy and Daddy we could go home for the night, since we live close by, but to be back in the morning.  We loaded up all the nice things in the cars, and Daddy and Mommy took me home.  It was nice to be home, but where was my little doggie, Teddy Bear? Daddy said that he was away visiting Miss Doris for awhile, and I would see him later when I got better.  Miss Doris is a nice lady that works for Daddy at his business.  She gives me treats when I visit Daddy's office.  Anyway, it was nice to sleep in my own bed and be nice and warm with Mommy and Daddy nearby.  In the morning I did not want to go back to the hospital, but my parents took me anyway, so I would not talk to them.  At the hospital my parents talked to a nice doctor, Fredrick Ruymann, who looked at me for awhile and talked softly to me, and then talked to my parents some.  They decided that the tests the doctor wanted to do would have to wait because I was not strong enough.  Then he left.  We waited for a long time.  Finally a nurse came and gave me something for a test called a Galliaum Scann.  Daddy and Mommy said that it would show the doctor where the rest of the bad stuff was that had made my tummy hurt.  Then we left for home.  How nice!

My brother Tim, and sister Michelle, were home this night, and we had so much fun playing with all the nice things people had given me.  We painted pictures and I drew horses and we played some games, and hugged all the soft bears and other nice animals.  I got tired after awhile, so Mommy put me in bed.  It felt warm and nice.  In the morning we had to go to the hospital again.  I said, "No!", but my parents took me anyway.  At the hospital we went into a little room and waited.  A nice doctor came in and very softly talked to my Mom and Dad and then to me.  He was very kind.  Daddy and Mommy said that he helped them to better understand what was wrong with me.  Then we went home.  It was nice to be home again and see my brother and sister and play with them.  I soon felt tired, so Daddy put me to bed and said prayers with me.  Several days went by.  It was nice to be home, but one morning I woke up and Daddy and Mommy said we would have to go for some more tests at the hospital.  I really did not want to go and was very quiet.   When we got to the hospital, we went into the same little room as the day before and waited.  The doctor soon came and said that we would have the tests today.   He and Daddy then went into another room to talk, while a nurse talked to Mommy and me.  After awhile we went to the testing room, and they gave me something that made me real sleepy.  I tried to stay awake, but then it was all over.  Daddy and Mommy said that the doctor did a spinal fluid test and a bone marrow test on both hips.   My back hurt and my bones hurt inside very much but I was a big girl.  I did not say anything and was very quiet.  Soon we went home.  It was so nice.   I hope I do not have any more tests.

Daddy told me today that on Monday 12.13.99 they have to take me to the hospital again to get the results of the tests and will have to put together a plan with the doctor to finish off the bad stuff that made me hurt.  My parents said that the doctor may give me some medicine to help me get better that may cause my hair to fall out but that it will grow again soon.  I hope it does not hurt, because I do not want any more hurt.  They also told me I may stay in the hospital again for several days.   I do not want to.  My parents said that hospital stay is necessary to see how I do with the medicine, then I can come home again if all goes OK.  I heard them call the medicine Chemo, whatever that is.  I hope I am better soon, because I miss my doggie and my friends and my school teacher.  I heard my parents say that I will be sick six to nine months.  That seems like a long time to me.  I wonder when I will go back to school and how my friends will be?  What will they think of me? Will they be afraid of me and not play with me because I have been sick?  Will the tummy hurt come back again?

I will continue my story later for you. Please pray for me, my parents and the rest of my family, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents as they work with me and the doctors.

Remember, with Jesus all is correct -- not good or bad -- that he allows to happen to us.  He has a plan for my life and yours.  Will you allow Him room in your life and let Him be your best friend.  My Daddy says that Jesus can take all the hurt and bad stuff out of your heart if you ask Him to.  Jesus has done that for me.  Have you asked Jesus to do that for you too?

If you need help or want to contact me, you can e-mail me at



Hi again!  All my tests came back clean -- Spinal fluid, Bone marrow, Gallium scan.  We are all very excited about this and thank Jesus for this.  The nice doctor working with us told Daddy and Mommy that they feel the cancer was caught just in time before it spread throughout my body.  This type of cancer grows very rapidly when messed with.  Since it grows so fast and the doctor said that the tests were only about 95% accurate, I had to start chemo Monday and will be in the hospital until Wednesday.   Hair loss will be complete in just 14 days.  This will be hard on all of us.  Daddy likes pretty long hair.  I will go back to the hospital on Monday for the A-bomb, as the doctor called it -- a real heavy hard dose.  I am not looking forward to this.  This will require a hospital stay until Christmas eve or day.  I do not have any more until the middle of January.  Tests and therapy will continue for six months.  Since the cancer was contained, six months should be the end.  If it had spread, it would have been much longer.

I feel pretty good most of the time, but I did hear the doctor tell Daddy and Mommy that the cancer and therapy reacting with each other will make the next six months very trying on my friends and family, because I will cry one minute then be laughing the next; very quiet and then withdrawn; out-going and very talkative; very cooperative one minute then very stubborn the next.  I hope you will pray for me on this matter and for all the nice people around me, as well as my family and friends, that they will be overly patient with me during this time.

I like horses very much and am looking forward to the day I am better, so I am able to learn to ride with a friend from our church.   She gave me a special picture of herself with her nice horse.  It looks like it will be really fun to learn with her.

I miss my teacher, Mrs. Armentrout, and friends at school and look forward to seeing and playing with them very soon, I hope.  I like school and it is fun to learn new things.  I hope you like school too.  I have been having a lot of fun with all the nice games, color books, stuffed animals, and other nice things people have given.  Thank you so much.  This helps me think about all the special people in my life and how nice friends and family are to me, instead of being so sad all the time about all the illness things.  I am eating much better and have gained some weight and feel like talking more often.  I will let you know more another time.

Don't forget, Jesus is my best friend.   Is He yours too?  He loves us very much and wants to be our best friend.   Let me know if you need help or want to talk to me --  You can also talk to our nice church at if you would like to talk to one of our nice pastors.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all from me and my family. The test result news was a great Christmas present for me and my family. Have a nice family time this season.



Good Morning,  Thanks for your prayers.   Danielle went out for the first time to hear her sister's Christmas concert last night.  She did not stay for the whole thing.  This was an answer to prayer to be there for part of it.  This was special for her sister and many from the school who are praying for her.  Today she will go to her school party for a short time to see her class friends who have been praying for her if all goes well. Her hair is still full today.  The doctors said it will most likely be gone by Christmas.  Monday she will get the big A-bomb and be in all week.  It will be a hard week.  We hope to have her out Lord willing Christmas day if all goes well.  I am sure Christmas will be very hard for her.  Thanks for your continued prayers.  Seasons greetings to you and your family as you part for the holidays to spend time with family and friends.   Friends are special gifts from God in our lives. Thanks for sharing, and touching our family and praying with us at this special time.  May God continue to bless your ministry in the lives of those you touch.  Thanks for touching the lives of our family for God.

Dorr and Lisa, Michelle, Timothy, and Danielle



Hi again.  Thank you for the nice time at school today. I tried to be happy but I felt sad inside.  I did not want to go to the hospital again after the school party.  It made me so happy inside when you came to the library.  I was very tired then and the class room was a long way to go.  Thank you for the nice hats. I miss you a lot. Friends are special.  Your e-mail and cards are so nice. They make me feel well inside.

Tonight I am home and can sleep in my own bed.  I asked Daddy when I could go Christmas shopping for Tim and Michelle but he did not answer.  Do you have your shopping done?  Mommy put all the school presents under our Christmas tree.   I can not wait to open them Christmas morning.

Tonight Daddy talked with me about how John 3:16 in the Bible and Christmas go together about my special friend, Jesus.  Do you know how they go together?



We would like this note passed along to tell our special friends, friends of friends, the doctors and other medical personal, Dorr's patient and helpful business clients and companies he represents, our church family, pastors, and staff, our Sunday School class, Family Focus, the children's school, all the students, teachers, and staff, and our relatives, family, close and far, that we appreciate all you have done to help our family and continue to do during this time. Thanks for being family to our family. It is special to see all the special gifts God has given to each one of you to share with us at this time. We know this has been a very busy time for everyone and still you have been very giving, thanks. The care for our children by some of you, the pickup and drop off of things has really helped. Some have been caring for our birds and will continue for 6 months, and our little doggie. Some have come buy to care for the mail, leave lights on and such to protect our home, feed our two little rabbits, and water the plants. Some have helped with a flat tire, fixed locks where someone broke the door lock at our home, another fixed the furnace at the office building that had a electrical wire fire. Some have graciously helped with Dorr's business. Some of you took the time to share of your time during such a busy time, to wait with us for reports at the hospital and at our home, cry with us, rejoice with us and pray with us. Some helped with moving things to the basement like the plants and other things that Danielle could not be around. Many have prayed and shared showers of gifts, e-mail, cards and notes. These have really helped Danielle's spirit and given her things to do. This has brought smiles to her face and encouraged the rest of the family. Thanks for those that have done special things for the other two children to help them deal with things. Many have taken time to bring there children to visit with Danielle and came themselves, thanks. Your children have encourage her with their cards, gifts, e-mail, and phone calls. Thanks for those that have helped with school situations and home work. Thanks for the wonderful food dishes that have been lovingly shared and have cared for us. We are thankful for Mark Pifer helping with the web page attachment and the church for letting us do it. This has been a great help for us to let people know info that they wanted to know about Danielle. Thanks for giving of yourselves at this special time to help our family.

Danielle will be home Friday afternoon and will return Monday for tests. The doctors continue to be surprise at her progress. Thanks for your prayers. One thing does concern them, her blood count. We appreciate all of you during this long time of illness. At this point she will be going in and out of the hospital with some stays only hours and some days, for the next six months. The doctor has told us that loving care and her attitude during this time will be an important help. He told us the cure of this cancer will only come from her own body's immune system. The medical help will only cut the cancer down to size, so that the body can finish it off with the Lord's help. This is the only known cure at the present time. Thanks for caring, sharing and praying with our family at this sudden time of illness when our hearts have been drained, our stress high and life has just come to a screeching halt. We thank the Lord that my wife nor I, nor Tim or Michelle have been sick so that we can help care for Danielle.

Thanks for touching our family this holiday season.

Dorr, Lisa, Michelle, Timothy, and Danielle.


Hi again.  I hope you all had a nice holiday time with your family. We had a special Christmas time at our house Christmas morning.  I felt really great.  My brother Tim, Michelle, and I were up really early to look at all the nice presents under our tree.  We were so excited.  We tried to wait for Dad and Mom, but finally we started calling to them to get up.  I saw that a lot of the presents had my name on them, I was so excited I could hardly wait to see what they were.   We all had many nice things under our tree. I enjoyed many nice things from our friends and some school classes.  Thank you.  We had such a fun time playing with everything, we almost wanted to forget it was time to eat when Mom called us.   After a nice breakfast we played some more and got ready to go to the big Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Koch.  We had a nice Christmas dinner and a really fun time opening more presents, playing and laughing with my cousins and brother and sister.   I hope sometime we can have Christmas with Grandma Phelps.  I missed it.   We were not able to go there because it is a long way from here to Jackson, Michigan.  Mommy and Daddy thought Grandma's house was too far from the hospital.   On Wednesday my friend Bailey came to see me.  We had a lot of fun playing with all the nice things people have given me.  We drew some funny pictures, read books, made some pretty things, put puzzles together, and played with some of the many stuffed animals.

Thursday we had to go to the hospital for a test.  I did not feel like going for a test again.  Daddy took me anyway.  I was not very nice to him, but he finally got me there.  I had a blood test, and they told Daddy that my blood count was 6.9 and I would have to have blood.  We waited.  Finally a nice nurse put this tube in me.  I watched the blood going in.  I asked Daddy how they made the blood, and he told me that it came from somebody else.  I said to Daddy, "When my blood comes out, it always hurts.  Did it hurt them?"  He said that it only hurts a little.  He said people gave blood as a gift for other people to help them get better.  I want to thank them, because I feel better today.  My blood count is now 10.1 which seems to make everyone happy.  Daddy did seem concerned, though, about my ANC count at 30 since it was 15,000 the day before.  He told me I would have to be really careful and wash my hands and use a mask, because most of my good bugs that help me not to get sick had died.  It was dinner time when we got home. After dinner I started to feel a little bad.  Each night Mommy has to give me a shot which I do not like at all. I know it is very hard for her. 

We stayed at home for New Years Eve while Michelle went to a friend's house to party.   I started to run a fever, so Mommy and Daddy got things ready just in case we had to spend the night at the hospital.  I soon got better, so we did not go.  Mommy and I went to bed right after 9:00 PM.  Daddy and Tim stayed up and watched the new year come in. New Years Day the fever came back, and by 8:00 PM Mommy took me to the hospital to have tests. They found I had an infection.  My arm and chest hurt so much I cried and felt really bad. Soon they had me in a bed, and we stayed until Monday evening.  When we got home I brushed my hair and some came out.  I called to Mommy, and she told me to remember we had talked about that.  I still did not want it to happen. She said it had to happen before I would get better.  What will it be like with no hair, I thought.  Then I decided to do some school work, and it made me feel better to think about something else.  I wondered how all my friends did at school today.  I asked Daddy how I was going to do my school work, and he said "We are working on that."  He told me one nice lady called a tutor will teach me when I am at the hospital and another will tutor me when I am at home.  The tutors will be like helpers for Mrs. Armentrout my school teacher.  "Now I have three nice teachers to help me learn, that will be fun.," I said.  Daddy told me some days I will go to school and have Mrs. Armentrout to help me learn.  I wondered when I would be able to go back to school. Daddy said he did not know yet.  Just then I pushed my hair back on my forehead and a big bunch of my hair came off with my hand, I look at Daddy.   Daddy laughed and said to me now we both have high foreheads and we laughed together. 

Tonight was such a fun time with my family.  When Michelle and Tim were doing their studies Daddy suggested that I do some so we worked on some math.  Math is a little hard for me.  Do you like math?  I try real hard at it, but sometimes it just does not work out right for me.  Maybe with three teachers it will easier.   I know a song that you may like.  It goes like this: "Jesus is the sweetest name I know and He's just the same as His lovely name, and that's the reason why I love Him so, for Jesus is the sweetest name I know."  Daddy is working with us on memorizing twenty-six verses of the Bible that go with the alphabet.  It is really a fun way to learn the Bible.  "B" Ephesians 4:32 "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God has forgiven you." "F" Romans 6:23  "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord."  I have learned all the way through "I".  "I" Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  If you would like to learn the verses with me let me know at my e-mail address, and I will send you a copy.  I think learning new things is fun, don't you?  My e-mail :  Thanks for praying for me.  January 11 I will be in the hospital for five days getting Chemo every twelve hours.  I hope some of the time I feel OK so my tutor can help me with my school work.



Hi again,

This last week went by fast for me.  Each day after a treatment week my counts go down. We have tests each week I am not in the hospital.  They are blood tests and spinal taps.  The spinal taps are tests to see if there are any cancer cells, but there are none.  The second week treatments, Mom and Dad said I hit bottom.  They mean my blood count and ANC count, the stuff that protects me from getting sick, both get real low so I do not feel well and can get sick easily.  I had a fever most of the weekend but they did not take me to the hospital this time.  The doctor told them to watch it and if it got higher to rush in.  Mommy gives me some shots and other medicine each day.  Near the end of the second week I can see people and my counts are really high.  Mommy also has me eating things to try to gain weight but I do not eat a lot.  I just do not feel like eating much.  When I feel better I eat a lot more.  I think I have lost all of my hair but I do not look in the mirror because I do not like seeing it gone.  I just keep one of my pretty hats on my head.

I had fun learning with the tutor in the hospital each day I was there. She will help me when I go in for my next seven day stay February 1.

My birthday is February 6. I will be 9 years old.  I am not sure if they let people have birthday parties in hospitals, but Daddy said we would do something special for me.

I have a nice lady that comes to our house to tutor me each school day.   She is fun to learn with.  We missed one day this week because of the snow.   It looks like it would be so much fun to play in.  I wish I could play in it but Mommy and Daddy are only letting me look at it. Have you had fun in the snow yet?   It makes things look so pretty.  Daddy says that each snow flake is different, just like people, and no two snow flakes are alike.  God made us that way and that is what makes us all so special.

Even though I do not feel so good at times I know I am special to God.
Do you feel special to God?

It was cold today so we built a fire in our fireplace again and I sat next to it.  It is so nice to have a fireplace in our home.  I like to watch it burn and feel warm and safe.  Tonight I get to sleep in my own bed and feel warm.

Thank you for continuing to pray for me.



Hi again,

Some have asked why I did not write or update my web page for so long, it was because it was to hard to. Thanks for your prayers during this hard time for me and my family. February was a hard month for me with two chemo times the middle of the month and the end of the month with many test days between. I had surgery to take my chest broviac out because of a painful staff infection in my chest. This was replaced with a pick in my upper arm that I have to the present for chemo and medicine. I was so happy when I finally got to go home at the end of the month and sleep in my own bed again. Then there was these test all the time at the hospital.  When are they going to be done I thought.

 I had a nice birthday party at hospital on my birthday with my family and a few from my school class, and my teacher Mrs. Armentrout. There were some nice presents that made it special Daddy got me a nice cake with Scooby-Doo on it and my name for me to share with those that came. Some pictures will follow soon. Daddy said when I feel better and the weather is better maybe I can have a big party and do my  birthday again. That would be fun with all my friends. I also got to spend a short time with my classmates on Valentine's Day for our class party. 

Between hospital tests and chemo times I did have some good times with people I love and friends I appreciate. I want to thank all my friends and relatives and some many others that made a hard month for me special.  Monday, March 13 I had an ANC count test. My count was to low so I did not go for my last scheduled chemo. Mommy and Daddy were sad because they wanted to get the Chemo over with. It was ok with me because I miss my own bed when I am in the hospital. On Wednesday I got a bad fever that would not stop so Mommy took me to the ER. That is not a nice place to be. It is very noisy, with people crying and walking around. Later they told us that I would have to stay. It was nice to leave the noisy ER but I did not like having to stay in the hospital again.   I wanted to go home very bad. I started to feel very tired and I hurt all over. My tummy felt so bad. I just was quite and closed my eyes and forgot about people. They tried to talk to me but I would not listen to them because I did not feel good. Then I went to sleep and when I woke up it was Thursday afternoon. I was feeling better and wanted something to eat.  I saw all these wires on my body and thought it was like the operation night all over again. I wondered what was happening to me. 

Later that night Mommy told me the Dr. would start the Chemo because I finally passed the ANC test. He was very surprised that my platelets were very high. I heard Mommy and Daddy say they were so high that we should sell some, then they laughed. Then there was more things hooked to me. The nurses had gloves on and wanted us quite while they hooked me up. Why did they have gloves on when they were just putting that into me. Well some day maybe I will understand, but for now I just wanted to be quite again and left alone.  Daddy was not able to stay with me much this last Chemo time because someone that worked for him was not there any more to help him, so Mommy stayed with me most of the time. I know this was very hard for her.  This Chemo time I did not feel so good.

On Sunday a friend from my class came to see me, I was glad to see someone I knew from class. Matt Schoonover, has come to see me before with his mother we talked a lot about things. We watched a movie on the VCR that he brought. Then we talked some more while our parents were in another room.

Monday my hospital tutor came to see me. Her name is Heather. I did ok with her but did not feel like doing school work after she left. Mommy tried to help me, but I just did not feel like it. I could tell she was disappointed. On Wednesday Daddy called to talk to Mommy and told her a very close friend had died. It was hard for her. She and Daddy talked some more and then a nice pastor from our church Pastor Tim came and prayed with Mommy. He is a special pastor at our church that helps people when they are sick and hurt inside. Do you have a nice pastor at your church like that?

Well the big day finally came and I was so glad to have the Chemo finished. I was going home, but I had to have another one of those spinal taps first. I sure have had a lot of those.  My brother, Tim, came from school to see me and then played on the Nintindo game TV while they took me to have the spinal. I sleep funny for awhile afterward. It sort of feels like floating around as I sleep. After I woke up we got ready to go home. I was ready to go. Tim was Mommy's big helper and worked hard to help load up things. When we got home it was late. When we got home Mommy had to give me a shot. I get one at times to help my ANC count. The medicine helps my ANC to work better so I do not get infections and stuff like that.

Today Daddy stayed with me at home. I curled up on the couch and was quite. I did not feel like eating or doing anything. I watched Daddy working hard on the phone. He was talking to the hospital and the insurance company working out things he told me. It took a long time maybe most of the day. The he got a call form Miss Doris at his office about 3:30 that he had an appointment at his office. He did not know what to do because he had forgot this lady was coming to see him. Miss Doris was nice and came to the house to stay with me. After awhile Michelle and Tim came home from school. I was nice to see them and play with them. Mommy soon came home then and a little while later Daddy. He had Teddy Bear my doggie with him. I got to see him a few minutes. Miss Doris and Miss Ruth take care of Teddy Bear for me while I am sick. It is nice to have friends that are so nice. Miss Janet takes care of our birds and bunnies. She is nice too. 

I have day tests at the hospital the next few weeks then we will work on building up my immune system to finish off the cancer. The Dr. said he has done all he can do for me, they said they can only be about 95% effective. Now it is up to the Lord and my body to finish the job and make it 100% over the next several years. My prognoses is 85% now, but if any cancer cells show up in any tests it will drop to 15%. Each day is special for me Daddy says. As I grow up I will understand that better I guess. He said each day should be special for everyone but most people do not look at it that way. They journey through life as if in a daze all to often, thinking little of others and hurry here and there and often miss the most important things of life, relationships. 

Today is March 26, 2000 a nice sunny day. Today is Sunday,  a day that our family worships God and shares with other people at our church. We call them our second family they are special people. Do you have a second family like we do? It is nice to have friends that care and are fun to be with. I wonder how people do that do not have many friends. Daddy says that if we want friends we need to be friendly to others. We give friendship first and others will return friendship back to us in an over flowing way.

I went roller blading today for the first time since I was sick. It was fun to be out and doing that on such a sunny day. The birds were singing, and all the little flowers were out, such a special day made for me to enjoy with my brother and sister. Everything is coming to life after such a hard winter. Spring is a nice time to see God's handy work in nature. I feel so happy and good today because I know my chemo is over. I am sorry I did not talk to some when they came to visit but most of time I do now. I am excited about going back to school soon and seeing all of you there.

Phase one of my care is finished, praise the Lord.  Phase two is tests, every so often to look for cancer cells and wait and see if my body finishes any remaining cancer off, so I am 100% free of it.

Sometime in April I hope to return to my school and finish the year with my classmates and my nice teacher Mrs. Armentrout. I want to thank her for the extra time and help she has spent this year to help me make the grade and stay up with the class. She has spent many long and I am sure tiring hours preparing things for the tutors and working with them. I will miss my tutors they are very special people to me. They have been very fun to learn with.  I want to thank them both.  Mrs. Tammy and Ms. Heather thanks.

I started to make thank you notes for all the hundreds of nice people that have been so kind to help me during this time in so many ways.  I will try to not miss any one. I want you all to know I appreciate all you have shared from your heart with me and my family in all the special ways and things you have done for us. There have been so many nice people that have helped us it will take a while to get them all thanked. I will try to make each of you a special one. I will write another update again later.

Thank you so much for you continued prayers,




Many things have happened in my life since my last update. In the late summer of 2000 after regaining my strength my mother's friend Gab taught me how to ride her horse Amber. Several times a week we would go to Gab's home to ride, it was so nice. I appreciated her kindness and patience with me. It was a real help with my recovery to have it to look forward to each week. Time has gone by very fast each year. This year I am a junior at Worthington Christian High School enjoying may girl friends and doing things with them. My art projects at school are a real enjoyment for me, I hope to study art in college someday. Recently I started to learn to drive a real experience for Mom and Dad. They seem to be ok with it. As I am growing up and learning more about God I have learned how special and loving He has been to me, I will be 17 in February. I trust my story has been an encouragement to you as you face the changes of your life. If you know my friend Jesus those challenges are better left with Him because He knows best how to care for them. Sharing my burdens with Jesus makes life so much easier for me as it can for you. Until next time I trust you know Jesus as I. There has not been any reoccurrence of my cancer since my recovery in 2000. According to the Dr. it should never return again. This type of cancer never goes into a remission as many other types may. It is gone for good. We thank Jesus for his healing power.

A special note to friends that care.  Daddy has something to say now.

Dear friends,

Through it all, Jesus has been our best friend and comfort from day to day. He has been there to pick us up in tenderness and care as only a loving friend can during times when it was hardest as we continued our journey in life during this time. The waves of the storm about us were real as they hit our family wave after wave. Each day seemed to bring a different test of the storm. At times it was so black we could not see in front or behind and thus did not know which way we were headed. As I look back I can see that Jesus was there through it all, lovingly caring for us bring peace and calm to our soul at just the right time. With Him we are safe. 

A Bible story seems to be fresh in my memory that I would like to share with you. The story takes place on the Sea of Galilee as Jesus' disciples were crossing in their small boat and out in the middle of the sea. It was during the last watch of the night, the darkest part of any night, with no moon as a raging storm hit. The disciples stressed to their limit worked to keep their boat afloat as wave after wave hit them with overwhelming turmoil and fear mixed with bodily agony and pain. Without light and the mighty storm they could not see each other only feel and hear the roar of each wave as it came crashing in on them and the resulting cries of terror form each other. Almost in despair at just the right time Jesus came walking to them on the water. Fearing he was a ghost their hearts must have froze in horror thinking this to be their end. Then at the correct time, the right time, Jesus spoke and they seeing it was him rejoiced as the sea became a peaceful calm. Jesus, was there all the time watching over them just as he has our family. He made of the wind and sea and us, thus he understands them and us and can bring peace and calm to our life at just the right time. 

He created us in such a way so that we have a need for a relationship with him, a void in our life that only He can fill. Many people try to ignore this void others try filling this void with things and relationships that do not satisfy and leave them searching more and more as the void in their life yarns to be filled. They over look a very simple fact that a relationship with Jesus is all that is needed to fill the void. He is a friend that understands and cares about your every need. A friend that loves you unconditionally and wants what is best in life for you because you are special to him. Friend do you have a relationship with such a friend that can calm the windy seas of your life as well as share the joys of your life with you? It is special to have someone to always share with that understand you, and near. One who cares enough to watch over you day and night. Someone to talk to at any time about anything in an intimate way. At some time in life you to may face ruff winds and seas as our family. Maybe you have a time of joy and need someone to share it with, he can be there at all times.

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If you do not have a church home come and join with us at our church or visit sometime with us at, Grace Brethren Church of Columbus, Ohio. Our senior pastor is Pastor Jim Custer. Your can here his Bible study each weekday morning at 9:00 AM, on CDR Radio, 88.1 FM Columbus, Ohio or other station locations throughout Ohio. You can hear him live on the web at 9:00 AM at anywhere in the world. This is a great way to start your day and will encourage you.

A special thanks to the nine doctors, many nurses and other hospital staff of Childrens' Hospital of Columbus, Ohio, our special loving church family and pastors at Grace Brethren Church of Columbus, Ohio, many other churches and institutions, our children's school Grace Brethren Christian Schools, students, teachers, staff, parents, school board, and PTA, our family business' kind and patient business clients and staff of Phelps Financial Services, Inc of Westerville, Ohio, our many contacts, great agent friends, support personal, managers, and officers at many levels of the great insurance company, GuideOne of West Des Moines, Iowa which we represent with pride, our health insurance care provider, Humana/Employers, which we represent with pride, our great trade association companies, PIA of Ohio and our business friends there, and CompManagement and our business friends there, our many friends, our loving family, Mommy, Daddy, Michelle and Tim, and special loving relatives which are many, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Thank you for giving of yourself and taking the time to share your care, prayers, and love in so many special and unique ways at this special time for our family. Each of you are special to us. Friends are special gifts from God to share life with, of which you are a very special part.

The Phelps family.
Dorr, Lisa, Michelle, Tim, and Danielle.

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